Home Security: Tips For Securing Your Home

It is important to protect it well to live with peace of mind in your home or when you leave it for a longer or shorter period. Between protective devices from Authorized ButterflyMX Installer for example and good daily habits, we invite you to discover how to secure your home.

Reduce Signs Of Prolonged Absence

Heaps of small details indicate your absence, whether for vacation or other, and some malicious minds are on the lookout for these and know how to decipher them very well. For example, the mail that accumulates in your letterbox, your trash that does not change its place, the shutters that are never opened, the permanent darkness inside, etc.

All these little details bear witness to your absence. This is why it is recommended to call neighbors or friends to visit your house regularly. They can collect the mail and try to show that the house is not empty. Shutters can be opened; garbage cans moved, etc. It is also useful to warn your neighbors so that they keep an eye out and notice if a stranger seems to be paying too much attention to your house.

Reduce The Signs Of Short Absences

New Year’s Eve and other end-of-year celebrations are conducive to burglaries, but not only. When you are away from your accommodation for a short time, such as for an evening, you can leave a light or the television on. Many devices are programmable to be triggered at a pre-determined time to make it look like someone is in the house.

Lock Your Doors And Windows

Get into the habit of always locking your house when you leave, even if you plan to be away only for a short time. Indeed, you should know that many burglaries occur in broad daylight while the occupants are away. So be careful not to leave any windows or doors open. Similarly, recommend to lock the front door when everyone is sleeping.

A Shatterproof Window And Rolling Shutters

Windows are also a crossing point for burglars, especially those at the back of the house. It is possible to install armored windows for openings on the ground floor. However, their cost is high. A more economical solution is the installation of metal fenders. These grilles placed in front of the accesses ensure that no one can enter through your windows. Roller shutters also make it possible to considerably reduce the risk of intrusion, all the more so when equipped with an anti-tearing and anti-lifting system.

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