How Can Fleet Tracking Help During Covid-19 Lockdowns?

We are much more used to discussing fleet tracking software through the eyes of a business which relies on logistics and which has a fleet to take care of. With this being said there are multiple uses for this specific type of technology. For example we all use GPS to find the fastest route between two points, or to send our location to family and friends. There is however a much more specific use which we are seeing with this tech, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

These lockdowns have varied in location and duration over the last 18 months, but they are still something which many of us are contending with. We are seeing statewide lockdowns as well as enforced lockdowns after you have been in contact with someone who has the virus. Technology which would more commonly be used for GPS fleet tracking however, has been used effectively in the wake of these lockdowns, and here is how.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a great tool which we can use against the threat of a widespread breakout of the vaccine in certain areas. This smart application kicks into gear when someone has tested positive for Covid-19. The app is constantly working away on our phones and tablets, and registers another device when they are in close contact with them. Should anyone in the chain get a positive test for Covid-19, the app will let all users who have been in contact with them, so that they can self-isolate.

Respecting The Lockdown

Whether we like it or not, it is prudent that we respect lockdowns, both when they are state wide and when they are cases of self-isolation. Sadly however there are many who have not respected the lockdown and who have flouted the rules as per what they should be doing. Over the past 18 months we have seen police attend homes to double check, which sounds extreme, but has proven to be necessary. Controversial plans are now being drawn up to use fleet tracking technology to check the location of people who fail to respond to phone calls or home visits by the authorities. This is something we hope to avoid of course, but should it be implemented GPS will help greatly with that.

Product Delivery

A final point to make on fleet tracking software is that consumers in particular are utilizing it more than ever before. Given that so many of us have been locked down and unable to go about our normal lives, we have been ordering more and more through online apps and websites. Whenever something is delivered we cannot open the door and make contact with the delivery driver, so we need to know exactly when the package will be arriving. This software gives us real time data about the exact location of our items, so that we can pick them up almost as soon as they have been dropped off.

This is relatively simple technology which has been around for a very long time. What is most interesting is that fleet tracking technology is still finding new ways to serve us.

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