Tents: What Are The Various Types Of Event Structures

Any event that the organization is under its responsibility requires several obligations, from defining the location, which sound structure will be used, to making the invitations. All these concerns are of paramount importance for the event to go as planned and be a unique and pleasant experience. After all, a party is not just an interesting attraction, but a set, ranging from renting a table and chair to how the invitation will be.

That’s why organizing events has been changing around the world. To give you an idea, there is now a preference for holding parties, festivals, conferences, and other types outdoors, which also requires other logistics, but now focused on tent rental and the concern with acoustics, making that what is being said is audible to everyone. This text will talk about some types of structures used in different events. You can visit website online for more insight.

Event Tents

As mentioned above, more and more event organizers are looking to hold their get-togethers outdoors to make the environment more pleasant and calmer. Furthermore, it is also possible to accommodate more people than in a closed environment. However, for the external structure to work, it is necessary to hire tents with different models that meet different needs.

We have as main models of tents:

  1. Pyramid Tent

A pyramid tent is a great option for those looking to cover a large area safely. They are perfect because they protect from high light, heat from the sun, and rain. It is worth mentioning that water leakage does not occur, so this structure is very safe.

This tent model is widely used in:

  • Birthday parties
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Shows
  • Graduations
  1. Accordion Tent

The folding tent is ideal for those who need to use the structure in several locations or for more than one day. This is because it is collapsible and detachable. These are ideas in:

  • Sales call
  • leisure spaces
  • parties in general
  • Trade advertising campaigns
  1. Tent Shed

The tent is a large tent with a strong structure and for events with a long duration. Its structure allows the installation of acclimatization systems and has excellent resistance against winds and other types of weather conditions.

These are ideal for:

  • Storage of equipment and materials
  • Various types of night events
  • Car garage
  • Exhibition of dealerships
  • Protection of stands
  1. Witch Hat Tent

With a differentiated design, this type of structure is ideal for events that use large sound structures, such as concerts and festivals. Due to its domed characteristic, it has great acoustics.

Can be used in:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Auditoriums
  • Congresses
  • stand for events
  • Like tents, these are items that can be used for promotional events

The assembly of stands aims to create sales points at fairs, events, exhibitions, congresses. They are made to catch new customers’ attention and showcase new products to loyal is important to rent from good sources, so a visit website that is know to rent your tent.

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