Tips On How To Decorate Your Bakery

Looking for small bakery decor ideas? So, you are probably a small entrepreneur who cares about how well your business is presented and, consequently, about your results, then you need to bet on bakery racks like those in Schaumburg Specialties  for instance for placing your products.

From leaving the environment organized and defining a set of colors to dominate the decor to enhance the space with paintings, photographs, and drawings on the wall. Here are some ideas:

  1. Industrial Style Decoration

Industrial style is a big trend in decor these days, and you’ve undoubtedly seen it around. Burnt concrete walls, exposed wiring, and plumbing as part of the decor, wood, and metal furniture, are all style components! Anyone who wants a modern bakery can welcome the style very well and leave the environment very attractive. A simple way to accomplish this transformation is to paint the walls in the famous burnt concrete style. Changing furniture is often a great idea too!

Do-it-yourself” can take over here, too: it’s possible to create charming industrial-style shelves using wood and black-painted PVC pipes. A cheap and simple solution, but with a lot of potentials.

  1. Decor In A Rustic Style

Another style of decoration that has been gaining a lot of space is the rustic style. Here, natural wood in rough shapes takes over, creating an environment very similar to country houses.

You can decorate your small bakery in this style betting on tables, chairs, counters, and other furniture made of natural wood, with visible imperfections. In addition, the details in leather, unpolished metal, and exposed cement also fit this style perfectly.

  1. Well-Defined Color Palette

When decorating your bakery, you cannot forget a basic decorating principle: create a color palette that is beautiful and harmonious. Thus, you escape the visual pollution that many people end up in the building when inserting different colors in an environment.  So, define well what your dominant color palette will be. With four or five colors, you can do a fantastic job! If you need help, communication, architecture, or interior design professionals can provide you with the knowledge you need to make your choices right. However, if the budget is low, it is possible to find inspiration on the internet itself!

  1. Frames With Photos Of Your Products

The elements that can shine in the decoration of a small bakery could be none other than the products sold there. A great way to place them in decor is with decorative frames. With them, you can decorate the wall and expose customers to all your establishment’s delights on the menu. Bread, cakes, pies, sweets, and desserts. All of them can be the protagonists of photographs scattered throughout the environment that will leave customers’ mouths watering.

To make this decoration masterfully, the photos need to be of quality! So, how about checking out our post with food photography tips to make your dishes even more attractive? Following them, you get great pictures!

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