What Budget For Office Rental? Visible Costs And Hidden Costs

When developing your budget for renting an office like in 627 N LaSalle for example, it is important to consider several elements that will influence the overall price of the rental. Spontaneously, everyone thinks about the amount of rent and the additional utilities to be paid, but there are also hidden costs that must be kept in mind if you want to have an accurate estimate of how much renting office costs.

  • The visible costs of office rental
  • hidden costs offices

The Amount Of Rent

A key element in the price of an office rental, the rent alone represents three-quarters of your expected budget. Its amount varies according to the size of the rented office, the geographical location (which varies the price per square meter), the quality of the property, and any services included in the rental.

Rental Charges

To the price of the rent is added the amount of the charges. These depend on current expenses (water, electricity, Internet, telephony). Some charges also include expenses for ancillary services, such as a concierge, a reception service, a switchboard, or mail reception.

Entrance Costs

Before taking possession of your new office premises, certain costs must be paid. The best-known security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the rental agreement (provided you return the office in good condition). Some landlords also ask to pay several monthly rent installments in advance. Finally, if applicable, you must pay the fees to the real estate professional who helped you in your search.

Taxes Payable By The Tenant

In addition to the easily identifiable monthly costs, you must plan for more one-off expenses in your office rental budget. This is the case for the property tax, as well as the office tax. The latter applies to offices located in Île-de-France and to those with surfaces of more than 100 square meters occupied by liberal professionals.

Parking Fees

This expense is too often overlooked. However, depending on the geographical location of the rented office, it can be very significant. For the rental of an equipped office in a large city, the cost of parking must be considered in calculating your rental budget. On the other hand, in rural areas, you can find free parking spaces more easily.

Moving And Moving Costs

Any move involves substantial expenses: professional movers, moving truck rental, etc. Multiply the quotes to get an accurate idea of ​​the cost of your move. Likewise, do not forget the costs of any fitting-out work if you wish to rework the decoration of the rented office such as coworking chicago for example.

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