Why should you consider Bajaj Finance for investing in Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are easily among the most preferred investment options in India. They offer stable returns and carry little to no investment risk. However, not all fixed deposits are equal. For instance, some institutions offer higher FD rates of interest, while others don’t. This can end up creating a bit of confusion in your minds.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to invest in a fixed deposit scheme, but are unsure of where to do it, then this article can help you out. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a Bajaj Finance FD.

1.      High rates of interest

The Bajaj Finance FD rates 2021 is among the highest offered by a financial institution in India. The rates start at 5.65% per annum and go all the way up to 6.60% per annum for regular individuals. In the case of senior citizens, it starts at 5.90% per annum and goes up to 6.75% per annum.

2.      Easy and hassle-free process

With Bajaj Finance, booking an FD is as easy as it comes. The entire process is online and can be done within just a few minutes. The FD investment process is safe and you also get to enjoy an additional rate of interest of 0.10% over and above the base rate for choosing to go the online way.

3.      Flexible payout options

Bajaj Finance offers flexible interest payout options, where you can choose to receive the interest on your FD on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Alternatively, you can choose to reinvest the interest and opt to receive it upon maturity as well.

4.      Ability to avail a loan against FD

If you’re in urgent need of funds, you can avail a loan of up to 75% on your Bajaj Finance FD to meet your requirements. You don’t have to put up any other collateral whatsoever.

5.      Exceptional credit rating

With outstanding credit ratings of (FAAA) by CRISIL and (MAAA) by ICRA, Bajaj Finance FDs are among the safest in India. With respect to the institution itself, Bajaj Finance holds the highest ever credit rating of FAAA/Stable accredited by CRISIL.


With so many benefits on offer, why wait any longer? Head on over to Finserv MARKETS and open a Bajaj Finance FD right now! And while you’re at Finserv MARKETS, make sure to check out our Bajaj Finance FD calculator to get a good idea of the kind of returns that you can expect.

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