When you work in the area of manufacturing, forklift plays an essential role. It helps you to move the heavy goods around with ease. However, Forklift is an industrial tool that is expensive and should be taken care of properly. Forklifts are powered through a battery. Hence, for the proper functioning of the forklift, you need to take good care of the batteries. If you are planning to buy new batteries, always buy them from a trusted source like Forklift batteries are expensive and should be seen as an investment. If you are planning to buy forklift batteries, you must educate yourself about them. Here are the basics that you need to know.

What is the battery made up of?

The forklift battery has a battery case that includes individual cells, battery bars and battery cables. All the cells in the battery are self-contained. They are small and individual batteries along with a set of lead plates that have been filled with sulfuric acid. All this is tightly packed together in the battery. The battery bars are then individually linked to complete the circuit. The cables which are used to connect the bars carry the amperage which is generated.

Can you power the forklift properly through a used battery?

The forklift can be sufficiently powered through a used battery. These batteries are sold by local battery and material handling dealers. The used batteries undergo a rigorous testing and maintenance process before they are sent to the market and put on sale. Equalizing, cleaning and refilling the batteries are some of the steps in the restoration process. This helps to increase the capacity of the battery.

It is possible to rent the charger and battery?

Batteries and chargers for a forklift can be easily rented. You can rent them separately or together. The price of renting is dependent on the specifications of the batter, weight and charger blueprint.

What are the safety items that should be kept near the forklift batteries?

Baking Soda, Acid neutralizing solution, masks gloves, liquid non-metallic containers, eyewash and eyewear are some of the items you should keep handy when working with the forklift batteries.

What is a forklift charger?

It is a mechanical device that helps to safely remove and install the forklift batteries. The chargers weigh anywhere between 800 to 4000 pounds. Various types of forklift battery chargers are available. The type of charger is determined by the weight. Some chargers are moveable, some operate through powered equipment, and the heaviest chargers are fixed, you will have to drive the forklift to the charger for charging. The industrial charger has elements, and it includes large capacitors, diodes, transformers and circuit cards. IT also has a digital display that displays the battery’s charge cycle, vital stats and charger status.

What are some hazards associated with forklift batteries?

The batteries can cause hydrogen gas fires, burning of eyes and skin if there is a sulfuric acid leak and high rate electric shock. Injuries can also be caused due to the heavy weight of the battery.

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