Whether it is home or your workspace, you would definitely want to know who is coming and going out. Even for safety purposes, it becomes essential to have a system that is well suited to your requirements. Multiple factors need to be kept in mind like where it is going to be installed, do you want the users to be enrolled through the door or compute and whether you require the ability to manage the doors and users when you aren’t on-site? Finding the answers to these questions is tough. There are three main types of Access Control Systems that you can choose from. Even with each type, there are different categories. There are layers of decisions that need to be made before the system can be installed. Following are the three main types of access control systems that you can choose from.

Stand Alone Access Control

A stand-alone access control system is a great option when you don’t want to secure every single person that is entering through the door. There is usually a small unit that is wired into the door panel. This allows control access to the door. It is a perfect option when you are looking to let people in from the door. There are three types of stand-alone access controls to choose from.

  1. Stand Alone Card Reader: In this type of access control, an access card is given to the people. All they have to do is use it on the machine which will grant them access.
  2. Stand Alone Keypads: To gain access to this type of system, you have to enter the pre-decided passcode. The system will have a keypad on it on which you will enter the code.
  3. Stand Alone Fingerprint Readers: As the name suggests, this type of access control provides access after reading the fingerprint. The machine has a fingerprint reader that will provide you with access.

IP Access Control Systems

There are various models that you can choose from. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Atrium A22:  It is a powerful Web-based IP hybrid model which allows the settings to be either as 1 or 2 door controller or expander. There is an embedded web server that comes to the performance and simplicity which allows you to manage the cards, lock or unlock doors, view system events and display controller information from practically anywhere.
  2. ADH10 Schlage Door Handle Integration Controller: It allows you to control almost 10 electronic door locking handles. There is multi-account software that can support about 100 door handles per account. It makes use of auto-detect technology.

Cloud-Based Access Control

One of the most popular Cloud-Based Access control systems is the Openpath Controllers and Smart Readers. They are sleek and modern. The system is easy to install. Smart Reader makes use of standard wiring to communicate to Openpath controllers. All the signals sent are encrypted. These unique systems work to enhance wellness features and touchless capabilities. They can also be customized according to your needs.

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