Where to Buy Or hire The Best Compaction Equipment in Australia

Running a company in construction, road building, or landscaping, can be highly rewarding when everything goes to plan. It requires having a good team on board and providing them with the very best equipment that is available to complete the job on time and to the highest standards, helping to build trust and a reputation that can lead to securing further contracts.

There are two options when it comes to using the best gear. Either buy or rent, which can depend on current cash flow and the size of a business. The good news is that either method is available when getting in touch with those who provide Conplant compaction equipment, who were voted as Australian Hire Company of the Year in 2022.

Such an accolade should offer peace of mind to anyone requiring the best compaction machinery, with a wide range of big names in the industry forming a partnership with them so that customers are guaranteed the best choice and shortest turnaround times. Quotes are available on request via the website, saving further hassle so that before long your project will be in progress using smarter, faster, and safer equipment.

Naturally, safety is important for anyone involved in any project where heavy machinery is in use. Conplant provide this by employing the best safety practices, as a customer’s well-being is integral to their business. A business-wide framework is used to identify risks, while a fleet-wide safety and compliance program has been implemented to reduce any issues. All processes are regularly reviewed with an eye to improving and meeting sustainability objectives and environmental compliance.

With the widest range of compaction equipment nationwide, there will be the right kit waiting to ensure your job is completed to the highest quality. Conplant are the exclusive distributor of the highly regarded Wacker Neuson heavy compaction equipment. There are locations across Australia, while delivery can be made anywhere around the country. Being able to rely on a knowledgeable team that has experience and skills that have led to awards for customer service ensures that the best possible solutions are available.

Costs are kept down by the rollover preventative system that is installed, meaning added safety and no time being lost, which happens when such an accident occurs. The intelligent integrated collision avoidance system is an outstanding feature, added for extra safety and speed. Having a revolutionary remote-control system that is safe and effective is also available, meaning that a roller can operate as manned or remotely with the simple switch of a key.

Other outstanding additions like the edge control system engineered in partnership with the University of New South Wales, and the self-levelling transport trailer which reduces further danger, are further reasons to buy or hire from Conplant. Flexible terms are available for hire, making the process cost-effective while still delivering the best results.

Anyone looking for the best, safest, and highest quality compaction equipment should look no further than Conplant who offer the best solutions with award-winning customer service.

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