The Appeal of the Offshore Access Industry

The 5 forces type of Porter (1980) is a great tool to gauge industry attractiveness. Within the following, all of the five competitive forces will most likely be examined.

Threat of recent Entrants

To be able to compete available on the market, much capital is required. Minimal pricey option is a helicopter beginning at 200.000 Euros for almost any smaller sized sized sized aircraft. A differentiated system costs around countless Euro’s, material usage only. Furthermore, to be able to operate scalping systems, specialized understanding is required. Finally it may be pointed out that status is of crucial importance within the offshore access industry. Introduced on by all of this is really a greater entrance barrier what creates a low threat of recent entrants.

Threat of substitutes:

Substitutes within the differentiated system such as the helicopter along with the jack-up platform remain frequently based in the conservative offshore coal and oil industry. Nevertheless the offshore access system includes a competitive advantage due to its fast installation on location. In this manner the offshore access companies can offer longer working hrs of engineers across the platform, than helicopters. Therefore, it’s determined that threat of recent and existing substitutes is medium.

Bargaining position of customers

Clients generally should you prefer a safe method of offshore access even at greater cost, so cost plays just a little role. Many of the clients within the offshore access industry are highly-lucrative companies that can afford a vertical integration. Switching prices is low, but customers refer on understanding. The bargaining position of customers is medium high, mainly due to the very number of customers.

Bargaining power Suppliers

The amount of suppliers is bound. Materials are highly customized for systems. Each supplier provides only a couple of components for the system do not only depend concerning this industry. Vertical integration isn’t interesting for the suppliers. To start with, they’d still purchase plenty of components, that makes it complicated and pricey. Next, the offshore access companies are much differentiated towards that regarding the suppliers and demands specialized understanding. Overall, the arguments show the bargaining power suppliers is high the depends strongly on their own supplier’s performance.

Competitive Competition:

The happy couple of companies within the offshore access industry produce a structure as oligopoly. Nevertheless the companies face exit barriers. The service along with the products the provides are highly specialized. The investments for items are very specific with this particular industry. It’s unlikely that firms exit the to be able to gain profit in another industry. Competition between similar products or services plays just a little role, because of the fact within the growing market. Therefore, it’s determined that competitive competitors are very affordable.


Everything considering, the presenting high attractiveness. While it’s difficult to compete for brand-new entrants because customers are cost insensitive and materials are highly customized. It’s expected that industry attractiveness will decrease. The real reason for this decline may be the launch of substitutes such as the offshore access system. So the industry serves an growing market even though the attractiveness of this marketplace will decline.

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