Top 5 Suppliers of Neodymium Magnets in the US

Considered as the world’s strongest permanent magnet, Neodymium magnets produce magnetic fields with a strength upto 1.4 tesla. The unmatched strength of neodymium magnets makes them one of the most preferred choices for various industrial and commercial applications.

When it comes to finding the best quality neodymium magnets, it is essential to partner with repeated and trusted suppliers. Are you looking for suppliers of Neodymium Magnets in the US? This blog post will explore and highlight five top suppliers of Neodymium magnets in the USA. These companies have established themselves as industry leaders by providing a wide range and top-notch quality magnets. Also, they offer custom solutions to meet the diverse needs of their customers

Rochester Magnet

Recently featured in Sign & Digital Graphics, Rochester Magnet has been catering to the needs of both large and small companies in the USA for over twenty-five years, solidifying their position as one of the best in the industry.

What sets Rochester Magnet apart is their commitment to personalized service combined with global capabilities. They understand that every customer has unique requirements, and their team of experts goes above and beyond to deliver tailored solutions. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, Rochester Magnet is dedicated to providing exceptional service that meets your specific needs.

Rochester Magnet’s expertise allows them to analyze your operating parameters and ensure that the magnets align perfectly with your requirements.

Whether you’re in need of Neodymium Discs or Neodymium Rings, Rochester Magnet is committed to delivering the desired configuration with outstanding results. Their extensive knowledge of Neodymium magnets and their dedication to quality guarantee that you’ll receive products that meet the highest standards.

Integrated Magnetics

Integrated Magnetics has more than sixty years of experience providing custom neodymium magnets. They specialize in providing the best services, including the technical designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembling and testing of neodymium magnets. As experienced manufacturers, they routinely build technical magnetic assemblies and also have stock of various neodymium magnets in various shapes, sizes, grades, etc.

Electron Energy Corporation

Electron Energy Corporation, a renowned global producer of rare earth magnets, stands out for its expertise in Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. With a team of dedicated experts, the company excels in closely collaborating with customers to develop custom solutions that address their unique challenges.

Electron Energy Corporation offers a wide range of choices in Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, known for their unmatched maximum energy product. These magnets provide exceptional strength, making them highly suitable for various applications across industries.

Recognizing the individual needs of each customer, Electron Energy Corporation is committed to delivering tailored magnet products and services of the highest quality. Whether it’s for motors, sensors, medical equipment, or any other specific application, customers can rely on their expertise and resources to find the perfect Neodymium Iron Boron magnet solution.

BJMT Ideal Magnet Solutions

BJMT Ideal Magnet Solutions is a leading producer of neodymium magnets, serving multiple industries. Their magnets are manufactured using powder metallurgy and melt spinning for maximum magnetic strength and quick solidification times.

The company’s products are in various industrial applications, including green energy, automotive and personal electronics. Additionally, they manufacture custom NdFeB magnets and assemblies.

Adams Magnetic Products

Founded in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products engineers and manufactures magnetic products. All types of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and devices are manufactured, fabricated, and distributed by them. It includes alnico, ceramic, flexible magnets, neodymium, samarium cobalt, rare earth, and magnet assemblies. They offer standard and custom magnet solutions for various applications.


In conclusion, Rochester Magnet is one of the top suppliers of Neodymium magnets.

Being the #1 source of the highest quality Neodymium magnets, We provide high-quality flexible magnets, rare-earth magnets, and magnet assemblies for retail, point-of-purchase, and industrial uses.

Whether you want to buy neodymium rings or neodymium discs, Rochester Magnet is the best choice.

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