The OTA Advantage: Online Trading Academy Secures Gold Stevie Awards For Efforts in Investing Space

When the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in the world’s first true global shutdown in ages, many people didn’t know how to react. As industries crashed to a halt and the world at learned looked for cues as to how to move forward, companies like the Online Trading Academy (OTA) were working steadfastly to innovate and excel in the spheres that were still functioning.j

Founded to help educate and innovate within the business educational field, Online Trading Academy would secure both a Gold Stevie Award and a Silver Stevie Award at the 19th Annual International Business Awards in 2022.

Honored for its efforts in innovation and technological progress, Online Trading Academy built upon its award-winning Stratos platform to give students and instructors the ability to engage, share content, and provide feedback on the topics of proprietary trading and analysis.

Learning the OTA Way

Taking the global pandemic to heart, Online Trading Academy doubled down on the tech influence that its platform has cultivated. Utilizing the Stratos technology as their platform, OTA has helped to dole out proprietary trading, analysis, and education to more than 80,000 students across the past 25 years.

Online Trading Academy secured both the Gold and Silver Award for their efforts, something that Vice President of Product Operations, Steve Albin, was grateful for. Albin stated, “Innovation comes from sensing a void and a vision for filling it.”

Albin went on to highlight the proprietary trading and education platform as well as its work with Stratos, which effectively shortens the learning curve for the students attending Online Trading Academy.

Eyal Marmareli is the Chief Technology Officer at Online Trading Academy and they were quick to shout praise toward the platform they’ve worked on and the awards they’ve received. Marmareli said in an interview regarding the new awards, “OTA loves to be blazing a new trail. In early 2020, challenging world events necessitated significant changes in the way we deliver our training to students.”

Marmareli would go on to detail how the platform grew and evolved with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing vital information to students at a time when their minds were ready to receive it. Marmareli said of the Stratos platform, “Stratos empowers our instructors and students with multiple levels of smart, remote learning controls and helps students develop the confidence to learn, analyze, and execute trade in the financial markets.”

About The International Business Awards

According to the team at The International Business Awards, more than 3,700 nominations were received from 67 nations and territories around the world. Nominations included both public and private institutions as well as for-profit and non-profit businesses.

Online Trading Academy secured its honors in the Learning Capacity-Building Solution and Emerging Technology categories for Skill-Building Education and Product Innovation.

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