Why Abrasive Blasting is Widely Used Across a Range of Different Industries

Known primarily as sandblasting, this is a very effective way to remove paint, dirt, grease and grime from a range of surfaces by using a mixture of an abrasive and either compressed air or water. Sand was always the preferred medium, as the fine particles of sand get into every nook and cranny, removing dirt, grease and paint from a range of surfaces, yet today there are many other materials used with abrasive blasting.

Wide Range of Materials

If, for example, you are looking for sandblasting in Perth WA, the provider would use the following:

  • Sand
  • Glass beads
  • Coconut husks
  • Plastic beads
  • Metal shreds

The abrasive blasting company would make recommendations for blasting media, as they have the know-how and experience top choose the perfect material for the job at hand.

Stripping Paint

When heavy mining and construction equipment require a repaint, abrasive blasting will very quickly remove paint, plus dirt and grime, leaving the metal surfaces spotlessly clean and ready for priming. If not for sand blasting, this job would take many days, and removing paint can be almost impossible in some hard to reach areas. A mobile abrasive blasting team can clean any vehicle in a matter of an hour or two, as they use high pressure air compressors that fire the medium at very high pressure, cleaning the surfaces in no time.

Mining Industry

Mining equipment is working around the clock, and as you can imagine, the bodywork must endure a lot of punishment, and to prolong the life of the expensive machinery, the unit is blasted then a special protective layer is applied after painting. All vehicles would be blasted on a regular basis and the mine would outsource this to an established abrasive blasting company that would maintain all of the plant machinery on a rostra basis.

Auto Bodywork Repairs and Respraying

When a technician wished to repaint a vehicle body, he will use an abrasive blaster to strip away the dirt, grease and paint, which then allows him to spray the body. This save a lot of time and energy, as rubbing down a vehicle with sand paper takes a lot of manual effort, not to mention the time it takes to prepare the metal surface for repainting.

Abrasive blasting is used in many industries and if you would like to learn more about sand blasting, an online search will help you locate a nearby provider.




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