Questions to ask before Hiring a Moving Company

While moving to a new house and taking so many decisions in a short time span can prove quite stressful. Selecting the right number of supplies to finalizing the right date of the move and many things to do can be overwhelming draining your energy. Amongst all these things choosing the right moving company is the most difficult, part of the move.

With hundreds of movers in Toronto Ontario, the choice of moving companies is unlimited. So before selecting one for the move, you must clarify few questions. In order to find a moving company that fits well to your precise needs, you must ask the following questions:

  1. Is Your License Cleared: In order to avoid rogue movers and scams related with moving companies, you must ask them if their company is rightly licensed? All the reputed movers in Toronto Ontario should have proper license issued by the authorities of the particular state they are working in. You can check the movers Toronto reviews, history of the company and complaints of the customers by visiting mover’s website. If the company does not have any license, then just keep distance from it.
  2. Can They Move Specific Items: If you have number of fragile items such as electronics, you must ask the movers it they can provide people who have experience in handling these items. If you are moving to multistory townhome or to a high-rise building, ask the movers if they are ready to make such type of move. Movers in Toronto Ontario should be well-prepared to handle any emergency that may come their way during the move. They should have enough experience of working in buildings without lift, small doorways, steep stairs, and parking restrictions.
  3. Ask about Liability Cover: Ask the movers what is their liability policy for your items in case any mishap happens during the move? It does not matter whether you are shifting to a faraway place or to the next street, the movers should introduce you with multiple liability covers to select from. They should be liable to pay the damages occurred during the transition.
  4. Can You Show References: While hiring an employee you definitely ask for references? Then why not ask the movers in Toronto Ontario to show you the references of their clients. It is the question of the safety of your belongings and there is nothing wrong in taking references and the company has to oblige you. If asked, it is the duty of the company’s representative to satisfy all your queries and provide you full information about your move.
  5. Few more Important Questions: Other than these questions, you can ask the moving company few more questions such as how much time it will take for the move to get completed, do they subcontract the move, if there are any hidden charges that you don’t know, what is their cancelation policy and many more such questions.

If you are living in Toronto and need a right kind of mover for your move, you can trust Let’s Get Moving and enjoy the smooth move to the new destination.

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