Travel Must Haves – Apps and Insurance Plans

In case you travel to a location alien to you in terms of culture and language, we have listed seven travel applications to come to your aid. Travelling has advantages and disadvantages of its own. You can see the world, take in new sights, make new friends, and savour delectable cuisine. However, there may also be the risk of being in an emergency situation in a foreign land if some unfortunate event were to occur. A travel insurance plan can help in such situations.

Your travel experience may be ten times better if you have travel insurance. You won’t need to obsess over unforeseen events. It also provides health insurance coverage for abroad travel and helps you eliminate any unwanted stress during medical emergencies.

Along with foreign travel insurance, what can come in handy during a foreign trip are these seven applications. These apps can make your trip less stressful and are specifically designed for use while travelling.

6 Apps that make your travels to a foreign country easier:

  • Google translate:

One of the most well-known programs, Google Translate has more than 500 million users for a reason. Google Translate being a Google programme supports more than 100 different languages making it easier for you to travel the globe. *

  • Waygo:

If you have any travel arrangements for China, Korea, or Japan, then Waygo may be the right travel app for you. Other translation tools occasionally struggle to translate these languages’ scripts. But with Waygo, you won’t experience that issue mostly. *

  • iTranslate:

This software stands out among the rest. The ability to translate speech to text has been provided by iTranslate. This useful app supports over a hundred languages. Simply speaking to your phone can cause the programme to transform your speech into text, thus helping you understand global languages. *

  • Triplingo:

Triplingo has a tonne of information to impart. In addition to teaching the user the common words and phrases of many nations, it also teaches the user the slang words used in those cultures. *

  • HelloTalk:

If you’re arranging a trip abroad and want to improve your language skills, then you may want to consider HelloTalk. With this app, you can also join a community of language learners to improve your language skills. *

  • Lonely Travel guides:

On the language front, this app has a unique audio phrasebook, which provides everyday use phrases so you can communicate with the local people of the place you are travelling to. *

* Standard T&C Apply

Importance of travel insurance –

Once you have overcome the language barrier, let’s move to travel insurance and why it can be essential. Having international travel insurance can be vital because if an unfortunate event happens in a foreign land, dealing with the same can be difficult. With no local insurance policy and no contacts, finding help for your problem could be tricky if and when they arrive. Hence, one must download a travel insurance app or buy it the conventional way before embarking on a trip.

Here are a few advantages of having international travel insurance:

  • A travel insurance plan helps you with medical-related expenses, whether it be dental expenses, medical evacuation, hospital visits or even casualties.
  • Having travel insurance may help with baggage-related issues. Loss of your baggage or personal documents is usually covered under most travel insurance plans.
  • International travel insurance may help you with journey-related coverage. If you get robbed abroad, they can provide you with some emergency cash. Flight delays, hotel accommodations, etc., can also be covered under travel insurance.

* Standard T&C Apply

A travel insurance plan can give you some peace of mind. One quick way to keep the insurance information handy is to download a travel insurance app on your phone and access it whenever the need arises.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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